Ben Chesney has just released a CD with ten original songs that are truly traditional country songs. They are ten of many songs that he has penned over the years.

Early in life, he made a decision to be a stay home musician, raise his family, and keep a steady job. He worked the clubs and did shows in the local area that included performing pre-shows for Jack Greene, Jeannie Seeley, and Cal Smith, to mention a few. He also played guitar in shows with such greats as Johnny Bond and Johnny Western.

His guitar studies included classical, fingerstyle, along with traditional. He not only plays guitar but also pedal steel, violin, piano and bass. He also taught guitar in the local area for twelve years.

He is now doing some studio recording work with other musicians and shows in the Branson area.

He now also produces a country music variety show that includes other semi-professional artists, clog dancers and promotes younger talent to give them some exposure. His show includes singing his original songs from his new CD and also does impersonations such as Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Elvis, which always brings the house down.

He is a true professional in his own right; musician, songwriter, singer, performer and producer and now owns his own publishing company, "Chesco Publishing."

If you like true traditional country music, you'll enjoy his new CD, "She's My Kind of Lady." If you have a chance to see his show, you won't be let down.